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REWE Revaler Strasse

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A new replacement building for an existing grocery store was built for REWE Group in Berlin-Friedrichshain. For this, the innovative material infra-lightweight concrete was used. The existing building was demolished except for the underground parking garage and a separate building that were retained. The new building, which houses both sales and functional rooms, is located above the underground parking garage and directly connects to the remaining building block to the east.
While the front part of the building, which also includes the retail space, is a single-story structure. A mezzanine level in the southern and eastern part of the store allows the location of adjoining rooms as well as a connection to the existing building. The entire exterior wall surfaces are made of infra-lightweight concrete, and only the walls that define the retail area are made of reinforced concrete. Due to its insulating property, infra-lightweight concrete does not require an additional insulating layer. In addition, the surface is finished in an exposed quality, so that plaster or similar materials are not required. The grocery store is spanned by a timber truss roof structure. The loads are transferred punctually via reinforced concrete columns in the sales area as well as via the exterior walls into the foundation. Additional columns and walls in the underground parking lot as well as post foundations transfer the additional loads resulting from the new building into the ground.

Berlin, Germany
Baumgardt Franke Architekten, Leipzig
Fischer + Friedrich ingenieure; MFPA Leipzig, TU Dresden, BAM
REWE Markt GmbH, Teltow
Project Responsibility
Mike Schlaich


Technical Data

approx. 9,000 m²
Length x width
60 m x 50 m
10 m
Upper floors
Basement floors
1 (underground car park, existing)
Facade area of ILC
approx. 1,500 m²
Span of timber roof
glulam truss 22,5 m/17,5 m
Span of reinforced concrete
up to 11.0 m
Span of ILC roof
5.5 m




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