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Betonoase youth center in Berlin


Based on an architectural competition won together with GRUBER + POPP Architekten, schlaich bergermann partner has developed the structural design for the “Betonoase” youth center in Berlin, whose modest appearance belies the technical innovation brought forward in this project.
The special feature of this single-story building is the utilization of so-called infra-lightweight concrete (ILC) for the construction of its external walls and roof projections, which are composed of an ILC dry density of only 700 kg/m³. Due to its low thermal conductivity, the structural and heat insulation requirements can be met by a monolithic concrete structure without any additional cladding. This makes true all-sided exposed concrete a reality. Since infra-lightweight concrete with a density of 800 kg/m³ or lower is not covered by current engineering codes, a special approval by the building authorities was required, which involved full-scale structural testing of members.
As far as we know, the Betonoase is the first public building in Germany made of infra-lightweight concrete. Lichtenberg city council proved to be a truly courageous client bringing the innovative project forward with a team of architects, engineers, and other stakeholders. For schlaich bergermann partner, the project is an important milestone in establishing the use of monolithic construction principles in the industry.

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Berlin, Germany
Gruber + Popp Architekten, Berlin
TU Berlin, TU Dresden
Bezirksamt Lichtenberg von Berlin
Project Responsibility
Mike Schlaich


Technical Data

500 m²
Infra-lightweight concrete
ILC700 (700 kg/m³)
external walls 50 cm thick
canopies 32 cm thick
galvanized reinforcement steel




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