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Passerelle Montévrain

© Dietmar Feichtinger Architectes

Near to Disneyland theme park, in the east of Paris, a pedestrian bridge is being built in the center of the new district of Montévrain. Its design is based on a competition won jointly with Dietmar Feichtinger Architectes. The bridge leads pedestrians and cyclists over the railroad tracks of a regional train line as well as over a creek and directly connects the northern and southern areas of the district. In addition to the stairways, two ramps enable barrier-free crossing on both sides. The 35 m long footbridge is planned as a two-span girder and has a trough-like cross-section above the tracks.
Due to its location in an Eco-District, the client requested a construction using only timber. The bridge is composed of two laterally arranged timber girders, which, due to their height, also function as railings. The girders are inclined outwards at an angle of 30° to protect the timber from weather conditions and thus ensure the durability of the structure. Crossbeams between the timber girders form the substructure for the cross-laminated timber bridge deck. Since a longer closure of the highly frequented train line for the construction of the bridge is not possible, an assembly using prefabricated elements is planned.
Thanks to the urban integration into the surrounding park, the bridge serves as an attractive crossing and its pleasant design distracts the view of the users from the railroad tracks.

Montévrain, France
Dietmar Feichtinger Architectes, Paris
Project Responsibility
Michael Zimmermann


Technical Data

Total length
90 m
Maximum span
35 m
Width of the deck
4.50 m




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