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Bridges in Riedlingen

© Conné van d'Grachten

This trio of competition-winning bridges in Riedlingen was designed in order to address extensive flood protection measures.
The larger road bridge over the flood channel was commissioned first as a replacement for an existing truss girder structure from 1901.
Our design for an integral steel composite bridge convinced the jury that a new bridge could accent the setting and create a modern gateway to the historic old town. As a characteristic element, the supporting structure lies above the roadway. The bridge is characterised by two elegant, flat, curved arches, which are arranged in the bridge cross-section between the roadway and the pedestrian and cycle path, thus safely separating the different traffic areas from each other. The monolithic connection of the individual components enables a slender, robust and low-maintenance construction, manufactured in a very short construction time.
60 m up the canal an unobtrusive truss structure, the Island Bridge, connects the local recreation area “Donauinsel” with the pedestrian zone in the old town for pedestrians and cyclists. The distribution of the falling diagonals, optimized according to the flow of forces, creates a rhythmic view.
At the northern edge of the old town of Riedlingen, a graceful footbridge, the Spitalsteg Bridge, leads over a former moat. This delicate steel arched bridge is characterised by filigree posts that form the railing. This footbridge extends the design elements of the larger road bridge, creating an elegant counterpart for the city.

Riedlingen, Germany
schlaich bergermann partner
knoll.neues.gruen gmbh
Stadt Riedlingen
Project Responsibility
Sven Plieninger


Technical Data

Canal Bridge
road bridge
length 36 m / width 13.60 m
superstructure height 3.60 m
Island Bridge
length 37.50 m / width 2.90 m
superstructure height 1.50 m
Spitalsteg Bridge
length 18 m / width 2.50 m




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