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Chunshengang Bridge at Bund

© Kris Provoost

The Chunshengang Bridge is part of a large-scale project to develop and restore the banks of the river – a former industrial area. Numerous streams flow into the Huangpu River and have to be crossed by pedestrians, private traffic and public transport.
The road bridge leads across the estuary of the river of the same name into the Huangpu. With four lanes, two pedestrian paths and tracks for the tram, it relieves the traffic on the highly frequented Longwu Road in the southern inner city. The bridge is characterised by its steel structure, which consists of two trusses in the main supporting structure, each reduced to a single section. Positioned inwards in the cross section of the bridge, they separate the various traffic areas. The extremely pure, well-proportioned road bridge is integrated into the context and, with its continuous pedestrian path along the bank, offers appealing views to passers-by.

schlaich bergermann partner
Shanghai Urban Construction Design and Research Institute (SUCDRI)
Shanghai Investment & Construction Company for Development of Xuhui Binjiang Area
Project Responsibility
Sven Plieninger


Technical Data

Total length
128 m
Main span
58 m
Side spans
30 m and 40 m
33.5 m
Bridge deck area
4,288 m²
Height of main trusses
10.6 m




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