• Dianpu-Brücke am Westbund
    © sbp/David Sommer

Dianpu Bridge at West Bund

Shanghai, China, 2018

The development of the new West Bund is one of the major inner city projects in Shanghai to improve quality of life and bring back the public to the Huangpu Riverbanks. Previously, the river banks of the Huangpu River served as industrial areas. Since Shanghai is growing fast, residential and new office buildings are developed along the river, which creates the demand to remove the old industry and transform the banks into river parks and cultural areas for local recreation.
Longteng Avenue, the main traffic artery along the West Bund, consist of 2 x 2 lanes of traffic and light rail tracks among other necessary functions. At Dianpu the bridge has to span across the 75 m wide river and as well as additional lanes at the river banks.
schlaich bergermann partner proposed two different solutions for this site location. An iconic and innovative cable-stayed street- and railroad bridge with an additional pedestrian bridge at the river front resulted in a 2nd prize. The winning scheme however was a three-span beam bridge integrating all traffic functions. The beam shape follows the bending-moment diagram. The outer walkways are arranged with the swing of the bridge creating an unique crossing experience. In addition, a second suspended walkway creates a covered and barrier-free connection for pedestrians and cyclists.

  • Location

    Shanghai, China

  • Architect

    schlaich bergermann partner

  • Cooperation

    SMEDI (Shanghai Municipal Engineering Design Institute)

  • Client

    WestBund Shanghai

  • Our Scope of Work

    competition 1st prize, design consulting in schematic design, conceptual design, detailed design and construction design, lighting design, site supervision

  • Length approx. 400 m
  • Superstructure width 35 m
  • Height above water approx. 6 m
  • Lanes 4 for cars, 2 for light rail
  • Maximum span approx. 90 m
  • Height of main beam 3.50 m (maximum)
  • Bridge area approx. 14,000 m²
  • Dianpu-Brücke am Westbund © sbp
  • Dianpu Bridge at West Bund © sbp/David Sommer
  • Dianpu Bridge at West Bund © sbp/David Sommer
  • Dianpu Bridge at West Bund © sbp/David Sommer
  • Dianpu Bridge at West Bund © sbp

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