• Dianpu-Brücke am Westbund
    © sbp/David Sommer

Dianpu Bridge at West Bund

Shanghai, China, 2018

This competition-winning design for a three-span beam bridge over the Huangpu River aims to bring public access to the previously industrial Huangpu riverbanks. As Shanghai grows, new residential and commercial developments have revitalized the riverfront along this area of the West Bund, creating a demand for new areas devoted to parks, culture, and recreation. sbp’s design for the Dianpu Bridge helps facilitate this pedestrian-friendly development with a crossing that integrates all pedestrian and traffic functions, including a roadway and light rail tracks. The bridge’s beam shape follows the bending-moment diagram, while outer walkways are arranged with the swing of the bridge creating a unique crossing experience.

  • Location

    Shanghai, China

  • Architect

    schlaich bergermann partner

  • Cooperation

    SMEDI (Shanghai Municipal Engineering Design Institute)

  • Client

    WestBund Shanghai

  • Our Scope of Work

    competition 1st prize, design consulting in schematic design, conceptual design, detailed design and construction design, lighting design, site supervision

  • Length approx. 400 m
  • Superstructure width 35 m
  • Height above water approx. 6 m
  • Lanes 4 for cars, 2 for light rail
  • Maximum span approx. 90 m
  • Height of main beam 3.50 m (maximum)
  • Bridge area approx. 14,000 m²
  • Dianpu-Brücke am Westbund © sbp
  • Dianpu Bridge at West Bund © sbp/David Sommer
  • Dianpu Bridge at West Bund © sbp/David Sommer
  • Dianpu Bridge at West Bund © sbp
  • Dianpu Bridge at West Bund © sbp/David Sommer

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