• Infinia Dish
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Infinia Dish

Spain, USA and other sites, 2009

A parabolic solar concentrator was developed for a 3 kWel Stirling Engine. Following an extensive concept study, the structure for prototypes and (pre-) serial production was worked out in collaboration with US engineers. Based on FE analysis as well as measurement data from built systems and components, analysis of the optical performance (ray tracing, errors during manufacturing and assembly) are carried out. Support and consultancy of the client during several steps of system development.

  • Location

    Spain, USA and other sites

  • Cooperation

    Cosma International, CSP Services

  • Client

    Infinia Corporation

  • Our Scope of Work

    conceptual design, detail engineering, checking

  • Diameter 4.7 m
  • Material steel, glassfibre reinforced plastics, glass
  • Height 6.4 m
  • Infinia Dish © Infinia Corporation
  • Infinia Dish © Infinia Corporation

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