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HPS2 – High Performance Solar 2

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High Performance Solar 2 is a demonstration plant that is being built and operated by an international consortium of industry and research institutes. In this test facility, the economic efficiency and operational safety of molten salt as a heat transfer medium is to be investigated.
Up to now, commercial parabolic trough power plants have been using thermal oils as a heat transfer medium. A decisive advantage of molten salt over thermal oil is its good resistance at high temperatures as well as direct energy storage.
Due to the special requirements for the collector design, TSK Flagsol commissioned sbp sonne to further develop the well-known HelioTrough collector.
Due to its high concentration factors, the collector is particularly suitable for use at high operating temperatures and thus for molten salt operation.

Évora, Portugal
Universidade de Évora
Project Responsibility
Sven Plieninger


Technical Data

SCE length
19 m
Opening width
6.77 m
Loop length
approx. 700 m




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