• Ultimate Trough DUBA

Ultimate Trough DUBA

Duba, Saudi Arabia, 2017

The DUBA Green Integrated Solar Combined Cycle Power Plant is going to be built right next to the Red Sea in Saudi Arabia. This integrated solar plant is the first that features the newly developed Ultimate Trough parabolic trough collector.
It is a combined cycle plant (fossil and solar energy) with a total electrical output of 565 MW.
The proportion of solar output is approx. 40 MW electrical.

  • Location

    Duba, Saudi Arabia

  • Cooperation

    Flabeg FE GmbH, Köln

  • Client

    Saudi Electricity Company

  • Contractor

    Initec Energia S.A., Madrid

  • Our Scope of Work

    detailed engineering Ultimate Trough, detailed design Assembly Hall, basic site services

  • Aperture width 7.5 m
  • Total aperture area 170,000 m²
  • SCEs per SCA 8
  • Loop length 800 m
  • Ultimate Trough DUBA

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