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Kunshan Olympic Sports Center

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The Kunshan Olympic Sports Center was built for the AFC Asian Cup 2023. Its design is inspired by the traditional Chinese fans. The design of the stadium is inspired by the shape of a traditional Chinese fan which is reflected in the exterior facade.
The massive oval grandstand structure is made of 36 concrete double walls. They are designed as in-situ concrete elements finished in exposed concrete quality. The concrete frames are connected jointless by girders and the floor slabs. The roof structure is formed by thirty-six filigree, cantilevered steel girders. Their upper chords form an extension of the concrete double walls at roof level. A-shaped columns and pin connection details link the girders to the concrete framework. A ring girder at the inner end of the truss acts as a connection between all trusses to allow them to act together. The structure acts like a basic lever system for vertical loads and derived bending moments. Here, the A-shaped supports transfer the compression forces onto the concrete structure of the stands, while the joints at the outer end absorb vertical tensile forces. To carry horizontal loads, the ring beam at the inner end and the girders at the roof level act as a closed frame system. The A-shaped columns additionally brace this framework.
A translucent membrane provides the building’s envelope. It spans between two frames and girders and serves as both facade and roof cladding. The translucent structure creates interesting views, especially at twilight.

gmp · Architekten von Gerkan, Marg und Partner, Shanghai
Tongji Architectural Design (Group) Co., Ltd., Shanghai, China
Kunshan Zhuoyue Sports Culture Development Co., Ltd
Project Responsibility
Sven Plieninger


Technical Data

Length x width
254.6 m x 217.5 m
Roof area
32,771 m²
Roof depth
47.1 m
Façade area
47,161 m² (for the roof)
49.15 m




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