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Allianz Stadium

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The new Allianz Stadium in Sydney replaces the 1988 venue and serves as a football and rugby stadium for the New South Wales Waratahs, Sydney FC, and the Sydney Roosters.
The roof structure consists of four main trusses, which are supported at the corner positions by triangulated derrick structures sitting on stiff cores with a cantilever of approx. 25 m. The trusses are composed of three chords which are braced with diagonals on two sides. The lower radial elements of the trusses are cranked beams forming the inner roof with ETFE foil cladding above and providing space for the gantry and its MEP installations underneath.
The outer perimeter beam acts as a tension ring for the gridshell structure spanning between the lower truss chords and the outer ring. The outer roof is covered with white PTFE membrane.
With the redevelopment of the stadium, the NSW Government ensures to provide Sydney with a stadium that fulfills the modern requirements for hosting international sports and entertainment events.

Sydney, Australia
Cox Architecture, Melbourne
Aurecon Group Sydney; Design & Construction: John Holland
NSW Government
Project Responsibility
Knut Göppert


Technical Data

72 columns
96 radial axes
tension ring
Principal dimensions
length x width
oculus 130.6 m x 80.6 m
width of outer roof 33 m to 44 m
width of inner roof 3 m to 15 m
Roof areas
total approx. 26,700 m²
outer roof PTFE membrane 21,730 m²
vertical cladding along truss 970 m²
inner roof ETFE cladding 4,000 m²



Steel Excellence Award 2022
National Winner in the category Building Large Projects: Allianz Stadium, Sydney, Australia
2022 Winner NSW & ACT Steel Excellence Awards - Buildings
Large Projects: Sydney Football Stadium, Sydney, Australia


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