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NSC Kuala Lumpur Roof over Swimming Stadium

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The buildings of the National Sports Complex were constructed for the Commonwealth Games 1988. A filigree roof is meant to protect the spectators and athletes of the swimming stadium from the sun and tropical rain storms. The layout of the competition pools (swimming and diving) as well as the corresponding grand stands presented the opportunity to create one large membrane sail to span the whole complex. An impressive, 100 m tall mast creates in conjunction with the edge columns and anchorage cables the fix points for the single sheet of membrane. Suspended from 12 flower like high points a roof surface is created of opposing curvatures, which provides the necessary stiffness while generating the characteristic roof form.

Arena, Stadia & Arenas
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Weidleplan, Stuttgart
Lead consultants: Weidleplan, Stuttgart for UEM, Malaysia
Project Responsibility
Rudolf Bergermann, Knut Göppert


Technical Data

Roof area
7,500 m²




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