• Roof Bullfight Arena - Vista Alegre
    © Skyspan

Roof Bullfight Arena - Vista Alegre

Madrid, Spain, 2000

The 'Centro Integrado de Vista Alegre' was opened to the public in 2000. It not only houses shopping centres and parking space, rather its main attraction is a circular bullfight ring which is covered by a roof structure of 100 m in diametre with a movable centre part, an inflated membrane cushion of 50 m diametre. This cushion made of a compression ring and the two membranes, one of them completely transparent, is supported by cables hanging from twelve steel columns which are located on the outer fixed roof. In the lower parking position it completely covers the centre part of the roof in order to permit the use of the stadium at any time of the year. The entire cushion can be lifted upwards vertically by 10 m in order to produce a strong 'open-air-feeling' for the spectators inside the stadium.

  • Location

    Madrid, Spain

  • Architect

    Jaime Pérez, Ayuntamiento de Madrid

  • Cooperation

    FHECOR Ingenieria S. A., Ingenieros Consultores

  • Client

    Palumi S.A., Madrid; Arturo Beltrán

  • Contractor

    URSSA (steelwork roof); Pfeifer (cables); Skyspan (membrane)

  • Our Scope of Work

    conceptual design, construction design, site supervision, erection analysis

  • Diameter fixed roof 100 m
  • Fixed roof plan area 5,890 m²
  • Structural steel in fixed roof 50 kg/m²
  • Diameter cushion 50 m
  • Inflated cushion plan area 1,960 m²
  • Total weight of cushion 60 t
  • Roof Bullfight Arena - Vista Alegre © Skyspan
  • Roof Bullfight Arena - Vista Alegre © Roland Halbe

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