Arena, Stadia & Arenas

Spa Bath Stuttgart-Bad Cannstatt

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For the main pool with access to the outdoor swimming pool, an innovative vaulted roof made of galvanized steel and glass construction was designed. The barrel-shaped mesh dome spans a trapezoidal base with a width of 15 meters and a length of 22 and 35 meters, with a rise of 4.50 meters. The roof structure is a rectangular grid consisting of 15 straight bar ties and 22 parabolic polygonal arches, which are braced by three prestressed cable compartments. The resulting rectangular grid made of 60 x 40 mm thick flat steels is covered with flat insulating glass panes that provide sun and heat protection. The roof construction is supported on the long sides at a height of 5 and 9 meters above the hall floor. The glass facades of the long sides and gables are a post-and-beam structure adapted to the grid pattern. This ensures that the swimming hall is filled with light even on rainy days.

Arena, Stadia & Arenas
Stuttgart, Germany
Beck-Erlang und Partner, Stuttgart
ARGE Kurbad Cannstatt: Wolff & Müller, Wachter GmbH, Stuttgart
Project Responsibility
Hans Schober


Technical Data

Roof area
approx. 470 m²
15.90 m
Arch rise
4.50 m
1.1 m - 1.4 m
Regular flat members
diameter 60 mm x 40 mm
Flat members in the axis of "cable fan"
60 mm x 60 mm
open spiral strands (radial cables resp. guys diameter 60 mm x 60 mm)
thermopane glazing




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