• A11 Bridges
    © Kris Provoost

A11 Bridges

Bruges, Belgium, 2017

The infrastructure project for the new highway "A11 - Via Brugge" includes several integral or semi integral pre-stressed concrete bridges that are designed by schlaich bergermann partner for the Belgian construction company Jan De Nul Group.
The viaducts cross several roads and railway tracks. A remarkable feature is the nearly 800 m long viaduct "K032" ("Kunstwerken 032"), integrally designed over a length of 650 m which means that the concrete superstructure is monolithically connected with the slender walls from high strength concrete.
This innovative design has a lot of advantages, both from an aesthetical point of view and from a practical point of view as maintenance can be drastically reduced to a minimum. It consists in making a fully rigid connection between the columns and the deck of the bridge, without any bearings. This allows the use of very slender columns, which results in a very light filigree concrete structure, totally adapted to its context.

  • Location

    Bruges, Belgium

  • Client

    Agentschap Wegen en Verkeer West-Vlaanderen

  • Contractor

    THV Via Brugge EPC (Jan De Nul - Van Laere - Franki Construct)

  • Our Scope of Work

    conceptual design, construction design

  • Total lengths approx. 770 m + 300 m (K032 + K031)
    approx. 220 m (K034)
    approx. 150 m (K112)
  • Regular span 35 m
  • Total bridge areas 39,000 m² (K032 + K031)
    7,900 m² (K034)
    5,900 m² (K112)
  • Max. span 55 m
  • Width 35.20 m
  • A11 Bridges © Kris Provoost
  • A11 Bridges © Kris Provoost
  • A11 Bridges © Kris Provoost
  • A11 Bridges © Kris Provoost
  • A11 Bridges © Kris Provoost

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