• Yamuna Bridge at Wazirabad
    © sbp/Mathias Widmayer

Yamuna Bridge at Wazirabad

New Delhi, India, 2018

The "Signature Bridge" as the new landmark of New Delhi connects the city Wazirabad across the river Yamuna to the inner city. The dynamically shaped pylon consists of 2 inclined columns, which are rigidly connected to the driving lanes and bend mid-way. The upper portion of the pylon anchors the back-stay cables as well as the main-span cables, arranged in a harp like manner. The tip of the pylon is created by a 98 ft (30 m) high steel-glass structure, which can be illuminated to create a landmark visible from afar at night. A special detail of the bridge is that the self-weight of the pylon balances out the self-weight of the super structure through the eccentric location of its center of gravity with respect to the pivot point of the pylon footing. This serves well to reduce the load on the back-stay cables. The fact that the modules were bolted together on site instead of welded is an adjustment to the local method of construction.

  • Location

    New Delhi, India

  • Cooperation

    Construma Consultancy Pvt Ltd, Mumbai (foundations), Ratan J. Batliboi - Consultants Pvt Ltd, Mumbai (architectural advisor)

  • Client


  • Contractor

    Joint Venture Gammon-Cidade-Tensacciai

  • Our Scope of Work

    conceptual design, construction design, site supervision

  • Total length of bridge 675 m incl. 100 m west extension
  • Side spans 36 m
  • Deck surface 25,000 m²
  • Lanes 2 x 4
  • Main span 251 m
  • Width 35,2 m
  • Height of pylon 165 m above ground
  • Total length of infrastructure project approx. 6 km
  • Yamuna Bridge at Wazirabad © sbp
  • Yamuna Bridge at Wazirabad © sbp
  • Yamuna Bridge at Wazirabad © Andreas Deffner
  • Yamuna Bridge at Wazirabad © Studio Sohaib

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