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Dubai Creek Crossings

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Within the scope of a new inner-city belt highway, two new signature bridges – the 5th Crossing and the Al Shandagah Crossing – over the Dubai Creek will be built. Both bridges are designed for a two-way twelve lane vehicular traffic. The signature characteristics of both bridges are large steel sails that span from one bank to the other. From these sails the steel girder grillage with a composite concrete deck is suspended. The sails are also used to separate the twelve traffic lines to the sidewaks located at both edges. Another signature feature of the 5th Crossing Bridge is a suspended, torus-shaped viewing platform, elevated approx. 100 m above the Creek level.

Bridges, Road Bridges
Dubai, UAE
schlaich bergermann partner; gmp · Architekten von Gerkan, Marg und Partner
Cansult Ltd, Engineers and Project Manager, Dubai
Road and Transport Authority Dubai
Project Responsibility
Knut Göppert


Technical Data

370 m (5th Crossing)
400 m (Al S Crossing)
Main span
155 m (5th Crossing)
320 m (Al S Crossing)
Mast heights
140 m (5th Crossing)
115 m (Al S. Crossing)
Overall width (each)
78 m
Superstructure height
both max. 4.50 m
Lanes (each)
2 x 6 lanes + emergency lane + sidewalk
Total length
with foreshore bridges both > 500 m
pile foundation, piles Ø 1.50 m, rock anchors, CIP-columns
erection on falsework




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