• Evripos Bridge
    © schlaich bergermann partner

Evripos Bridge

Euboea Island, Greece, 1992

The bridge was the first cable-stayed road bridge in Greece. A technical challenge during the design and the construction phase was the extremely slender (L/480) longitudinally and transversally pre-stressed concrete deck with only 45 cm constant thickness, providing sufficient stiffness to abandon any longitudinal girder.
The multi-strand stay-cables therefore have a closer spacing of app.5 m with a minimum inclination of 23 degrees and were directly used to support the free cantilever formworks during deck construction. For purpose of higher seismic performance, the concrete deck is monolithically connected with the towers. Constrained reaction due to temperature rise can be handled well due to the slender towers and the soft superstructure. At the transition piers at the bridge ends hinged tension pendulum members are used to transfer uplift forces into the substructure.

  • Location

    Euboea Island, Greece

  • Architect

    schlaich bergermann partner; Dr. Stathopoulos, Athens

  • Client

    Highway Department, Athens

  • Our Scope of Work

    conceptual design, construction design

  • Total length 395 m
  • Bridge deck width 13.50 (2 carriageways + 2 pedestrian sidewalks)
  • Main bridge span length 90 m + 215 m + 90 m
  • Deck surface 5,390 m²
  • Evripos Bridge © ΝΙΚΟΣ ΔΑΝΙΗΛΙΔΗΣ
  • Evripos Bridge © ΝΙΚΟΣ ΔΑΝΙΗΛΙΔΗΣ

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