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Footbridge Bad Hersfeld

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The bridge over the river Fulda is located in the south of the district town of Bad Hersfeld near the federal road B62. It creates a direct link between the neighborhood of Johannesburg and the city center by connecting the pedestrian and bicycle paths across the river.
The longitudinal support system of the bridge is a single-sided cable-stayed bridge with a curved gradient in both plan and elevation. The bridge forms an S-shape in plan view and thus provides ideal guidance for bicyclists. At night, the bridge is subtly illuminated on one side only by lighting integrated into the handrail.
The suspension cables engage with the inside of the bridge on one side. With its lower edge, the slender superstructure follows the curvature of the bridge. Both abutments are restrained by the superstructure, which is realized by a steel component embedded in concrete.
At a distance of approx. 2.90 m, there are transverse bulkheads to which 13 hanger cables are connected on each side. Another cable connects the masts to the abutments and thus serves as a stay cable for the masts. These are about 11.4 m high and are designed as voided rectangular cross-sections with hinged beared base points. The foundation of the abutments and the mast foundations are designed as deep foundations using drilled piles.

Bad Hersfeld, Germany
schlaich bergermann partner
Magistrat der Kreisstadt Bad Hersfeld
Project Responsibility
Andreas Keil


Technical Data

Total length
81 m
Main span
81 m
3 m
Height superstructure
0.55 m
Height of mast
11.4 m
fully-locked stay cables (FLC), OSS suspension cables
Bridge area
243 m²
Total length
121 m




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