• Glass Roof for DZ-Bank
    © baubild/Stephan Falk

Glass Roof for DZ-Bank

Berlin, Germany, 1998

From the outside the new building of the DZ Bank appears to be calm and subdued. It is on the inside that Gehry`s famous sculptural powers come into their own. A total of nine skylights, facades and glass floors cluster around the building`s atrium, all of them constructed according to the same principle, with glazed triangular meshes of stainless steel profiles. The requested transparency of this freely-formed and with insulating glass-covered structure could only be achieved with a triangular grid shell structure. The entire structure is made of stainless steel mullions 40 x 60 mm, screwed together with milled joints. This is sufficient for the load transfer that is almost free of bending moments, resulting in a roof that vaults with playful lightness the atrium of the DZ Bank.

  • Location

    Berlin, Germany

  • Architect

    Frank O. Gehry & Associates Inc., Santa Monica

  • Cooperation

    Hines Grundstücksentwicklung GmbH, Berlin

  • Client

    DG Immobilien Management GmbH, Frankfurt am Main

  • Contractor

    Josef Gartner & Co., Gundelfingen

  • Our Scope of Work

    conceptual design, construction design

  • Area main roof 1,220 m²
  • Glass Roof for DZ-Bank © Roland Halbe
  • Glass Roof for DZ-Bank © baubild/Stephan Falk
  • Glass Roof for DZ-Bank © schlaich bergermann partner
  • Glass Roof for DZ-Bank © baubild/Stephan Falk

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