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K03 Albert Canal cable-stayed bridge

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The bridge forms part of the large infrastructure project “Kempen North South Connection”. The design is characterized by the harp configuration of the cables and a relatively short back span. Its axis crosses the canal at a skew angle of 22°. The harp configuration was chosen in order to have a harmonic overall design with respect to the skewed alignment of the masts. The main span has a light composite deck with precast slab elements of only 250 mm thickness placed on hollow box steel main girders. The relatively short back span with no intermediate tension ties requires a heavy and stiff deck for the back span which leads to a thicker concrete slab and to a stiff frame configuration between the masts and the back span girders in the cable planes. The back span deck is cast monolithically with the southern abutment. A big part of the deck (30 m x 70 m) was mounted in one piece.

Bridges, Road Bridges
Geel, Belgium
Chris Poulissen
PMV – Agentschap Wegen en Verkeer
Project Responsibility
Mike Schlaich


Technical Data

Total length
176 m
122 m - 54 m
main span composite deck
back span pre-stressed concrete
composite masts, height 50 m




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