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Media Port Bridge on Longteng Avenue

© sbp/David Sommer

The bridge is located in a new development area at the Westbund in Shanghai, called Media Port. For pedestrians and cyclists it is the most important connection between the two main business plots, which are divided by the main road, Longteng Avenue. The design intension was to build a bridge perfectly fitting into the modern, architectural environment.
Spanning over six lanes, the total length of the bridge is about 63m. The width at both ends reaches up to 18m, while in the middle of the bridge the width is around 11m. The deck is structured by four glass enveloped, wave-shaped elements which stiffen the structure and also provide structural support for the bridge furniture. At night it becomes a functional and gently lighting source for the surrounding area. Considering the width of the bridge deck, it was important to generate an aesthetic view from below. By layering wave-like girders, the soffit of the bridge becomes dynamic. In addition, the waves are painted in shades of yellow and orange to brighten up the view from below.
Structurally, the bridge is a beam bridge with cantilevers at both ends. To additionally stiffen the cantilever area, bracing elements were installed at the top ends of the four columns. Since the wave-like structure weakens the stiffness of the individual girders, they are arranged offset to each other. At the same time, they are statically connected to each other, so that the trough zone of one girder is supported by the crest zone of the neighboring one.

Shanghai, China
schlaich bergermann partner
SMEDI (LDI), Shanghai, China
Westbund Dreamcenter
Project Responsibility
Sven Plieninger


Technical Data

Total length
62.9 m
Main span
33.8 m
Cantilever span
12.3 m + 16.6 m (at both ends)
approx. 18 m at both ends, approx. 11 m in the middle
Superstructure height
7.1 m
Bridge deck area
807 m²




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