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Footbridge Mühlensteg in Besigheim

© sbp/Andreas Schnubel

The Mühlensteg footbridge in the Southern German town of Besigheim provides a new connection for pedestrians and especially cyclists. Bringing the long-distance cycling route “Enztalradweg” from Bietigheim-Bissingen on the eastern bank across the river Enz, the bridge links Besigheim’s public Enzpark with the historical old town.
The one-sided suspension bridge with inclined hangers is anchored by a mast, arranged on the south side with two spread cables. A monolithic reinforced concrete ramp, which continues the curved shape of the bridge, provides access from the west. At the western abutment, a filigree steel staircase allows direct access to the neighboring playground and a car park. The foundation of the entire structure is based on partially inclined, grouted micropiles, as the foundation soil is at a depth of approx. 5 m. In addition to the special technical requirements of the innovative structure, logistical and organizational challenges were significant during construction. The entire construction site was located in a nature reserve; the western Enzpark is situated within the river’s flood plain. Crossing the river, the elegant structure is visible from afar and forms an elegant addition to the newly created Enzpark.

Besigheim, Germany
schlaich bergermann partner
Stark Ingenieure, Besigheim
Stadt Besigheim
Project Responsibility
Andreas Keil



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Technical Data

Total length
117 m
Main span
68 m
3.20 m
Superstructure height
0.80 m (steel box girder)
Mast height
26 m
Bridge area
350 m²
LOD 400 / Revit * Dynamo




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