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Nesse Bridge Leer

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The new bridge across the trading harbor connects the historic city center and the pedestrian zone of Leer with the newly opened up area on the Nesse peninsula. The bridge continues the main traffic axes from both banks, resulting in a kink of the bridge in plan where the two axes meet. This allows pedestrian crossing the bridge from one side have a free view of the other bank. Horizontal bars between the cable stays spread the cables apart and provides ample clearance for the pedestrian over the deck. The bridge consists of three parts. A massive reinforced concrete abutment at the banks supports the bridge deck and mast. The slender deck is a cable supported concrete and steel composite construction. The central section, which is raised as a drawbridge, is a lighter deck in structural steel. The central section can be hydraulically opened to allow a 14 m wide channel for larger ships.

Leer, Germany
schlaich bergermann partner
Stadt Leer
Project Responsibility
Mike Schlaich


Technical Data

Total length
123 m (404 ft)
82 m (269 ft)
Bridge width
3 - 5 m (9 - 16 ft)
Clear distance
14 m (46 ft)
Deck surface
approx. 520 m² (5597 sq ft)
Cross sections
42 m² (452 sq ft) steel bascule bridge,
268.5 m² (2890 sq ft) composite, 212 m² (2282 sq ft) reinforced concrete




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