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Olympic Park Rio 2016 – Live Site

© Dhani Borges

The Olympic Live Site is beautifully arranged at the most prominent location of the Barra da Tijuca Olympics site. It hosted major Olympic events for the Rio Olympics 2016, ceremonies, cultural shows, or just provide shadow and a resting place to the fans of the Olympic Games.
Designed, detailed, and guided during fabrication and erection phases by schlaich bergermann partner, it was completed as a self-sustained, semicircular mesh membrane roof that certainly stands out as one of the landmarks of the Olympic Site. Triangular mesh membrane panels, featuring extreme transparency, are stabilised by catenary cables which are spread apart by the cantilevering struts. The triangular panels are arranged along the semicircular layout in two levels, while upper and lower triangles are always offset by half a bay, resulting in a beautiful lotus like layout in plan view.

Buildings, Others
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Prefeitura Municipal do Rio de Janeiro
Project Responsibility
Knut Stockhusen


Technical Data

Roof area
2,180 m² (PVC mesh membrane)
18.13 m / 26.5 m
12.7 m / 15.9 m
57.4 m




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