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Süderelbe Crossing in Hamburg-Moorburg

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The Süderelbe Bridge, as part of a new connecting route between two highways, will integrate the harbor into the European road network and will ease nationwide east-west traffic.
The main bridge spans across the Süderelbe river and several railway tracks of Hamburger Hafenbahn. It consists of a bilaterally symmetric, three-span integral cable-stayed bridge with two pylons. The superstructure consists of a two-part section composed of two continuous, aerodynamic hollow steel boxes with cross beams along the outside and an intermediate light gap. Laterally, the main bridge span has hollow steel box cross beams every 12 m, alternating with the anchorage cables. The selected bridge design is very efficient, and consequently economical, for the given span. Combined with the inherent properties of integral construction, the bridge forms a very sustainable and low maintenance structure, which successfully integrates itself into the Hamburg Harbor cityscape with its distinctive bridges.

Bridges, Road Bridges
Hamburg, Germany
WTM Engineers GmbH, Hamburg
Andreas Keil

Technical Data

Total length
1,000 m
Length of main bridge
535 m
Main span
350 m
Side spans
2 x 88 m
Pylon height
140 m each
Total width of superstructure
39.60 m (hollow steel boxes 2 x 12 m, cross beams 2 x 5.60 m, light gap 4.40 m)
Main span superstructure
steel structure with orthotropic deck (tapered at the masts)
Side span superstructure
robust steel-concrete composite structure



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