• Ting Kau Bridge
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Ting Kau Bridge

Hong Kong, China, 1998

The Ting Kau Bridge along with its approach bridges links the western New Territories as well as the mainland with the expressway Lantau Fixed Crossing, which connects the new Airport with Kowloon and Hong Kong. As one of the few realized multi-span cable-stayed bridges, the Ting Kau Bridge, with 1177 m of cable-supported deck, was at the time of its construction one of the world’s longest cable stayed bridges. A remarkable feature of this bridge structure are the two divided superstructures (composite superstructures consisting of a light-weight steel girder grillage and a pre-fabricated concrete deck slab), each 17.7 m wide. Single pylons are stabilized in the transverse direction by cables like masts of a sailboat; stabilization of the pylons between the two primary span widths via longitudinal cables between the pylon head and the crossing point of the superstructure with the neighboring pylons.

  • Location

    Hong Kong, China

  • Architect

    schlaich bergermann partner

  • Cooperation

    Flint & Neill (checking); Alan G. Davenport Wind Engineering Group, Ontario; Binnie, Hong Kong (foundations)

  • Client

    Highways Department Hong Kong

  • Contractor

    Ting Kau Contractors Joint Venture

  • Our Scope of Work

    conceptual design, construction design, site supervision

  • Total length 1,177 m (3,862 ft)
  • Heights Main tower 201.55 m
    Ting Kau tower 173.30 m
    Tsing Yi tower 164.30 m
  • Deck surface 46,000 m²
  • Spans 127 + 448 + 475 + 127 m
  • Bridge width 38 m
  • Lanes 2 x 4
  • Ting Kau Bridge © sbp/Mike Schlaich
  • Ting Kau Bridge © sbp/Mike Schlaich
  • Ting Kau Bridge © Alan Cook
  • Ting Kau Bridge © sbp/Mike Schlaich
  • Ting Kau Bridge © sbp
  • Ting Kau Bridge © sbp
  • Ting Kau Bridge © sbp/Mike Schlaich
  • Ting Kau Bridge © Kris Provoost

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