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Weinbergbridge – Federal Garden Show 2015 Havel Region

© Stephan Falk/baubild

The new pedestrian bridge crosses the Havel river in an S-curve from the Weinberg-Park to the Optikpark. Angled steel arches support the superstructure at the longest span length located over the river and secondary channel. The hangers are not located as usual along the outer edge of the circular edge beam, but rather on radial cantilevers that almost reach the arch planes. Thus the resultant of the hangers is angled only slightly away from the angled arch plane, leading to reduced bending stresses within the arch. The arches terminate at the height of the superstructure and thereby allow for the horizontal thrust to be short circuited via a tie cable. Within the range of the arches, the bridge deck widens to allow for seating space. At the abutment the bridge deck is monolithically connected to the sub-structure, creating an integral structure.

Rathenow, Germany
Ingenieurbüro Küchler; Architekturbüro Pieper. Entwurfskonzept: Kristina Brusius, Mirko Buff, Nadine Gisbert, Christina Heuschkel (Studierende der HCU Hamburg)
Stadt Rathenow
Project Responsibility
Mike Schlaich


Technical Data

Total length
350 m
Arch spans
60 m and 48 m
Inclination of arches
approx. 25°
Superstructure width
width 3 - 4 m / height 68 cm
Bridge area
approx. 1,110 m²
Height difference
10 m
Material of bridge deck
torsionally rigid steel hollow box section
Material of arches
welded quadratic hollow profile




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