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Bike Path Bridge Minden (Glacis Bridge)

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The glacis bridge across the Weser in Minden creates the entry portal into the city. With a soft curve it connects the southern portion of the right Weser bank and the large parking lot Kanzlers Weide with the inner city.
The laterally arranged and back-stayed masts of the self-anchored suspension bridge bend over the 3,50 m wide and 25 cm deep concrete platform. Spaced apart 105 m, the fully-locked suspension cables connect to the top of the mast and thereby allow for a bent plan layout that responds to the surrounding path network, without having the hanger cables impinge on the clearance gauge of the bridge. Through its minimized cross-section the bridge achieves a particular filigree quality and transparency that allows for an unhindered view of the Porta Westfalica.

Minden, Germany
schlaich bergermann partner
Stadt Minden
Project Responsibility
Andreas Keil


Technical Data

approx. 105 m
177 m
Slab width
3,50 m
Slab thickness
25 cm
Distance of masts
105 m




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