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Bridge Lindach

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As direct link for pedestrian and bicycle traffic the new Lindach bridge over the Kocher in Schwäbisch Hall provides a connection from the direction of Steinbach in the north across the river to the train station and the riverbank promenade.
The structure is designed as a two-span pedestrian and bicycle bridge. Its superstructure is a timber-concrete composite girder consisting of two block-bonded glulam girders. Together with the sealing of the bridge, the in-situ concrete deck forms the weather protection for the wooden structure. To reduce constraint loads, the superstructure is supported at its abutments in a statically determinate manner. In the direction of Lindach the timber-concrete composite girder cross-section on the abutment is restrained rigidly in the block foundation after the concrete has hardened. The inclined compression strut, respectively the hollow steel box thus acts as a compression-loaded sway bar.
The new Lindach Bridge crosses the Kocher River as a striking and elegant structure with an innovative technological character that creates an identity on the newly developed Unterwöhrd Island. To ensure the traffic safety at night, the walkway is illuminated by an inconspicuous light installed in the handrails.

Schwäbisch Hall
schlaich bergermann partner
Stadt Schwäbisch Hall
Project Responsibility
Andreas Keil


Technical Data

32 m
2.90 m
Main span
22 m
Roadway width
3.40 m
Roadway area
110 m²
Construction height
35 - 90 cm




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