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Bridge to Mont Saint-Michel

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The objective of the project coming out of the competition was to design a structure that would replace the existing dam, a structure that integrated itself unobtrusively into the seemingly unending coastal landscape to return the maritime character of the UNESCO- world culture heritage site, Le Mont Saint-Michel.
The bridge was inspired by the classical boat dock, designed to lead users to the island in a sweeping motion, with thin steel columns impacting the water flow of the tides only minimally whereas supporting the concrete slab. The column spacing of 12m allowed for a maximized reduction in the slab cross-section, so that the bridge appears to float above the water, and the transparent wooden pavement of the footpath rests on steel consoles on each side.

Le Mont Saint-Michel, France
Dietmar Feichtinger Architectes
Syndicat mixte pour le rétablissement du caractère maritime du Mont Saint-Michel
Project Responsibility
Andreas Keil


Technical Data

760 m bridge + 1,000 m dam
Single span
12 m
11,50 m
Deck surface
10,580 m²




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