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Footbridge for Daimler over the Tübinger Allee

© sbp/Johanna Niescken

Connecting two parts of the Daimler AG factory premises, the bridge spans the Rudolf-Diesel-Strasse at an oblique angle. Designed as a single-span girder, the overpass serves both pedestrians and cars as a direct connection, and simultaneously transfers several large supply lines to the new plant section south of the road, where also a works canteen is located.
The superstructure consists of two longitudinal edge beams, which are supported by hangers that are connected to a spanning truss. Between them are the cross beams and the deck plate. The upper supporting structure of the bridge forms a dissolved triangle following the flow of forces. Its aesthetic design and surface are complemented by slender handrails. The functional lighting of the bridge is integrated into the handrail as individual LED MiniSpots. This creates an even light distribution on the 6m wide bridge deck.
In order to highlight the structure in the streetscape, the bridge is illuminated by four LED spotlights mounted on masts at the height of the abutment, emphasizing its striking appearance at night.

Sindelfingen, Germany
Daimler AG
Project Responsibility
Andreas Keil


Technical Data

Total length
approx. 36 m
Main span
33.5 m
7.25 m
Superstructure height
3.25 m
1/1 (road 3.50 m/footpath 2.50 m)
Bridge area
250 m²




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