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Deutsches Museum Visitor Bridge

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The “Deutsches Museum München” is the largest science museum in Germany. This bridge is a part of the exposition on Bridge and Water Engineering. It’s not a usual bridge that spans over an obstacle but it was designed to be a full scale exhibit that demonstrates the state of the art in bridge engineering and to make the structure comprehensible for laymen as well as interesting for the professional. Four different structural systems were combinded to make up the bridge: the circular ring beam supported only on the inside, the suspension bridge that forms the supports of the ring beam, the frame girder to stiffen the ring beam for uniform loads, and the deck made of glass. For transparence all these structural elements were reduced to their mimimum.

Munich, Germany
schlaich bergermann partner
Deutsches Museum München
Project Responsibility
Jörg Schlaich


Technical Data

approx. 27 m
1.80 m
Mast height
7.30 m
Glass plates
1 pane of 8 mm thick tempered glass,
3 panes of 10 mm semi-tempered glass,
3 layers of PVB-film,
total thickness 45 mm
Main cable
locked coil rope, diameter 40 mm
Ring cables
3 spiral strands, diameter 30 mm
Horizontal arch
massive circular steel section,
diameter 150 mm




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