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Erzbahnschwinge Bochum

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Originating out of the context of the surrounding bike paths the bridge dynamically crosses the confusing and indifferent state of the street, tracks and pipe-line bridge. The S-curve combines the artistic intention, path guidance and excellent structural advantages of a curved bridge. The curved ring beam requires support on only one side, and through its form alters torsion into a moment. The bridge deck is therefore conceived as a steel section with only a thin layer of concrete to serve as the deck surfacing. Following the changing curvature of the deck girder, the cable masts are inclined towards the center of the deck curvature of each half of the bridge. Since the suspension cables run tangent at the top of the pylon, and the masts lie in the center of gravity of each bridge half, with the mast footing lying below the bridge, backstay cables are not necessary.

Bochum, Germany
gmp · Architekten von Gerkan, Marg und Partner
Kommunalverband Ruhrgebiet KVR, Essen
Project Responsibility
Jörg Schlaich


Technical Data

130 m
3 m
Height of mast
32 m
Diameter of masts
660 mm
Diameter of main cables
80 mm
reinforced concrete, steel, cast steel, cables
Footbridge Awards 2005, Technology (long span) winner; Ingenieurbau-Preis 2004, commendation




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