• Facade Leonardo Showroom
    © 3deluxe/ Emanuel Raab

Facade Leonardo Showroom

Bad Driburg-Herste, Germany, 2007

An organic showroom was designed by 3deluxe to present the latest collection of the glass specialist Leonardo. Concrete structures within the building carry the 40 x 40 m concrete slab roof structure, enveloped by a wafer-thin façade. This façade is built without any visible substructure and consists of insulating glass (panes 2 x 6 m). Stainless steel bars measuring 2 x 2 cm are arranged along the glass joints to facilitate the load transfer and regulate the deformations of the façade. The edge profile of the insulating glass panels, specifically developed for this application, connect to these bars with a simple “lock“and blend into the already existing joint between the glass panels.

  • Location

    Bad Driburg-Herste, Germany

  • Architect


  • Client

    glaskoch B. Koch jr. GmbH + Co. KG

  • Our Scope of Work

    conceptual design, construction design

  • Facade 864 m²
  • Insulating glass panels 200 x 600 cm
  • Facade Leonardo Showroom © 3deluxe/ Emanuel Raab
  • Facade Leonardo Showroom © 3deluxe/ Emanuel Raab

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