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Footbridge Alfred-Herrhausen

© HG Esch

The urban pedestrian bridge is very filigree. A slender slab is suspended by 16 hangers. The hangers transfer the load to a tree-like mast. The entrance to the underground garage at the city hall is monolithically connected to the bridge. In addition to a flight of stairs there is also an elevator at the train station to conquer the difference in height. The outstanding attribute of this bridge is the load-transferring mast composed of individual blocks of natural stone. One central block forms the bifurcation from the trunk to the four limbs. All blocks are aligned at a central steel rod and fastened. This mast is not only a loadbearing element of the bridge, but a delicate, three-dimensional sculpture as well, emphasizing the axis between train station and down-town – also at night: The mast is illuminated, the ends of the bridge are bathed in soft backlight and the slab is brightened by lights integrated into the handrail.

Bad Homburg v. d. Höhe, Germany
schlaich bergermann partner
LGA Würzburg, Gutachten NatursteinKraner, Leinfelden Echterdingen, Elektroplanung
Stadt Bad Homburg v. d. Höhe
Project Responsibility
Knut Göppert


Technical Data

76 m
46 m
Bridge width
6,90 m
Height of mast
15 m
Material of mast
Nero Assoluto, a type of Gabbro, volcanic origin, Zimbabwe




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