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Footbridge Bayreuth Hohenzollernring

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The pedestrian bridge connects Bayreuth’s historic city center with a shopping mall. To avoid detracting from the medieval city walls, this self-anchored suspension bridge was designed to be as transparent as possible and is suspended by a mast inclined toward the ancient walls.
The 53 m long, 3.6 m wide, and 21 cm thick concrete deck is supported by two curved supporting cables suspended near the top of the mast. The mast is divided into three solid steel bars (120 mm diameter) connected to each other by steel plates. The mast footing rests on a solid steel ball thereby displaying the pinned connection of the foundation to the observer.

Bayreuth, Germany
Horstmann, Bayreuth
Stadt Bayreuth
Hans Schober

Technical Data

53 m
3.60 m
Slab thickness
21 cm
Height of mast
17 m
3 fully locked cables ø 80 mm


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