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Footbridge Cité Baden-Baden

© schlaich bergermann partner / Michael Zimmermann

At the city entrance of Baden-Baden a new pedestrian bridge crosses over the Bundesstraße B 500. The design objective was to realize a bridge, which convinces with its delicate design, integration in its surrounding as well as economic efficiency, robustness and durability. This has been achieved with the selected bridge geometry and the shape of the columns, as well as by the application of slender reinforced concrete components. The result is an integral slab deck bridge with a variable cross section and a Y-shaped central support column. Flexible abutment walls reduce the constraining forces of the integral bridge. A filled rod railing with vertical rail posts defines the walking surface.

Baden-Baden, Germany
schlaich bergermann partner
Stadt Baden-Baden
Andreas Keil

Technical Data

38 m
3.50 m


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