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Footbridge over street Am Kochenhof

© Gert Elsner

The footbridge spans the street Am Kochenhof and was built to connect the former fairground Killesberg with parking lots on the other side of the street. It was to be as light and filigree as possible. High dams provided space for large abutments, which favoured a prestressed cable truss that was embedded almost invisibly in the surrounding area. The paving slab is very thin, since in contrast to the pure suspension bridge, the task of the stiffening girder is removed by the under tension.
The details are correspondingly finely detailed, up to the dissolution of the guyed masts. The walkway slab lies on crossbeams which are connected to the cable structure via fittings, hanger cables and clamps. The undertensioning spread out in the ground plan stiffens the web in longitudinal and transverse directions. The plate is firmly clamped to the north abutment and mounted on rollers opposite it. Masts composed of three round solid rods each with tie plates are located in the bisectors of the suspension cable deflectors, so that clamps on the mast heads can be dispensed with. They are inclined outwards in the transverse direction for stabilisation and coupled with a rope. The railing has two reinforced bars at intervals of one metre each, which are necessary to absorb the pressure of the spar and create a rhythm in the oblique view. Despite back anchoring, which actually allows scaffold-free assembly, the walkway slab was laid out on scaffolding and released by tensioning the rope construction. Tension was applied to the back anchorages of the suspension cables and the end anchorages of the under tension. The footbridge is still used today as a transition over the busy road.

Stuttgart, Germany
schlaich bergermann partner
Landeshauptstadt Stuttgart
Project Responsibility
Rudolf Bergermann, Andreas Keil


Technical Data

42 m
reinforced concrete, ø 13 cm
Cross beams
cast steel
Main cables
fully locked cables, ø 58 mm
Supporting cables
fully locked cables, ø 38 mm
stainless steel, ø 16 mm
each made of 3 round massive members ø 90 mm




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