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Glass Bridge Lisbon

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The “Centre of the Unknown”, a recently completed biomedical research facility of the Champalimaud Foundation was designed by Charles Correa Associates from Mumbai, India. It comprises two building complexes set in a large public area that accommodate treatment units, research laboratories, an auditorium and exhibition area, as well as the offices of the Champalimaud Foundation itself. A visual highlight is the light-weight steel and glass bridge that connects the two buildings. The glass envelope encasing the bridge consists of curved panels of laminated glass. A filigree cable supported steel structure also forms the substructure of the glass envelope. The walkway and the railing also consist of laminated safety glass and thereby confer upon the entire structure the desired sense of elegance and transparency.

Lisbon, Portugal
Charles Correa Associates, Mumbai
Champalimaud Foundation
Andreas Keil

Technical Data

21 m (68 ft)
Glass surface
approx. 380 m², thereof 285 m² bent glass
steel approx. 20 t
cables 2 VVS 50


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