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Glass roofs Höfe am Brühl

© mfi Shopping Center Management GmbH, Dirk Brzoska

Four inner courtyards linked via corridors form the central element of the new shopping center “Höfe am Brühl”. Two inner courtyards, along with their corridors, are fully covered by a continuous gridshell roof. The unit consisting of courtyard and corridor measures approximately 85 m in length (west), respectively 73 m (east). The structural principle of the roofs is a double curved gridshell made out of triangular elements with minimized member sizes. The height of the curves was derived using a form finding process. The roofs are supported linearly by 6 m high and 40 cm thick, rigidly connected concrete walls at a constant height. Horizontal forces are also transferred to lower slabs by these walls. To reduce constraining forces due to temperature elongation, the shells are supported by pin bearings and movable bearings along its longitudinal edge on the concrete wall.

Leipzig, Germany
Grüntuch Ernst Architekten, Berlin; Heine, Hamburg
mfi management für immobilien AG
Project Responsibility
Mike Schlaich


Technical Data

Roof area
1,220 m² (west courts), 930 m² (east)
Maximum span
20 m (west courtyard 1),
16 m (east courtyard 4)
Steel tonnage
78 t (west), 58 t (east)
Grid members
solid bars 50/80 mm, 50/100 mm
Triangle glass panes
max. side length 2.5 m
ICSC European Shopping Centre Awards 2014, category New Developments, 2nd place
Node connections
partly System Lite-Shell, partly welded nodes (at reinforced areas)




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