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Guangming Trail Bridge

© sbp/David Sommer

Just 40 minutes outside Shenzhen runs the “Guangming OCT Trail”. The landscape architects of SWA Group redesigned the nearly 6 km long pedestrian and bicycle path. The revitalization project involved the construction of three new bridges, for which schlaich bergermann partner was commissioned with the design and planning. Special mention should be given to the stress-ribbon bridge, which spans a 30-meter-deep valley and connects two paths of the Guangming Trail. It is designed as a 2-span system with one inclined column, that efficiently reduces the overall span length of the bridge and allows to better control maximum slopes of the bridge deck. In addition, the inclined column generates a balcony-like high point of the bridge providing captivating views over the valley. Two stress-ribbons made of high-strength steel transfer the different loads directly to the strong abutments and, together with the precast concrete elements, form the walkway surface of the bridge. The railing is designed as a stainless-steel cable net connected to embedded steel elements in the precast concrete slabs. Using steel stress-ribbons, the bridge is the first of its kind in China. It interferes only minimally with the mountainous landscape and blends perfectly into the surrounding nature.

Shenzhen, China
SWA Group (Landscape), Local LDI
OCT Guangming (Shenzhen) Investment Co., Ltd
Project Responsibility
Sven Plieninger


Technical Data

Stress-ribbon bridge
main span 65 m
side span 25 m
Floating Bridge
diameter max. 58 m
height of columns max. 26 m
Discovery Bridge
net structure 23.10 m x 32.80 m




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