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Guangzhou South Railway Station

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The high-speed railway line for the fastest train in the world went into operation in the year 2009. Part of this development was the new train station in Guangzhou, one of the largest train stations in South China. The three-story train station building is entirely covered by a roof. 26 tracks and platforms are supported by lined-up multi-span box-section girder bridges and central arch structures. Mounted on this structure are also the long-span passenger platforms. The roofing is made up of multi-span, curved bent shells, which are either glazed, enclosed with large ETFE inflated cushions or covered with trapezoidal decking. In the central area these consist purely of shell structures and along the sides of barrel-shaped roofs with cable ties.

Guangzhou, China
BIAD / Beijing Institute of Architectural Design, Peking; TFP / Terry Farrrell and Partners, Hongkong
FSDI / Fouth Survey and Design Institute of China Railway, Wuhan, China
Ministry of China Railway
Project Responsibility
Sven Plieninger


Technical Data

Length / width / height
450 m / 400 m / 40 m
Total area
approx. 320,000 m²
Area base-level
approx. 160,000 m²
Area railway-level
approx. 100,000 m²
Area entrance- and access-level
approx. 60,000 m²
Roof area
approx. 200,000 m²
Roof span
50 - 100 m




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