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IGA 1993 – Bridge across Heilbronner Strasse

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Two bridges (“Train Station North” and “Heilbronner Strasse”) are the connection between two parks, crossing a huge railway area and a highly frequented main road. They were built for the International Garden Exhibition (IGA).
A ramp diverges at an oblique angle from the main path of the bridge across the street Heilbronner Strasse (“Bombaysteg”) and connects to a platform from the city light rail on the median strip of the street. The mast stands outside of the main path of the ramp and is guyed in the opposite direction. In the direction of the main path the bridge is self-anchored, and back-anchored in the transverse direction along the ramp. The main cable loops around the abutment along the rigid anchorage, whereas the cable ends along the sliding abutment are anchored such that the compression forces transfer into the slab, yet the tension forces are transferred into the ground via pendulum.
The extension of the bridge over the Heilbronner Straße is called the third bridge: a short, pure plate bridge crossing Friedrich-Ebert-Straße.

Stuttgart, Germany
Planungsgruppe Luz, Lohrer, Egenhofer, Schlaich
Landeshauptstadt Stuttgart
Project Responsibility
Andreas Keil


Technical Data

Total length of bridges
460 m
Bearing cable
fully locked cables
Concrete slab
thickness 30 cm




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