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IGA 2003 Rostock – Fair Bridge I

© H. G. Esch

As all the five footbridges at the international garden exhibition IGA 2003 in Rostock are quite different regarding their structural types they are well integrated into the IGA. Each design concept stems from the given boundary conditions and the surrounding environment. Each bridge offers some interesting features which make it interesting for the engineer and attractive for the user.
The Messebrücke I is a 6.00 m wide concrete slab resting on steel supports. This structure was built without joints and spans 94.30 m. The slender concrete slab with a thickness of 0.30 m is curved in plan and deepens up to 0.70 m over the main spans of 9.00 m and 12.00 m depending on the stresses. Both ends of the steel supports are affixed to the main spans. The other supports have hinged connections at either end. The walls of the abutments (approximately 4.00 m high) and the base of the supports rest on a pile foundation.

Rostock, Germany
WES & Partner, Landschaftsarchitekten, Hamburg
IGA GmbH, Rostock
Project Responsibility
Mike Schlaich


Technical Data

94.30 m
8 x 6 m + 2 x 9 m + 12 m
6 m
Slab thickness
30 cm at mid-span,
70 cm at the supports
Plan area
580 m²




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