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IGA 2003 Rostock – Fair bridge II

© HG Esch

The 25 m main span of the three-span fair bridge II stretches across the street. The bridge is 6 m wide with an accessible slab width of 5.5 m. A slender concrete slab makes up the superstructure, rising above the main supports depending on the existing stress. Longitudinal prestress permits to limit the slab thickness to 40 cm at the major opening. The slab rests on tubular steel supports affixed at both ends. At one abutment the bridge is longitudinally translatory. The superstructure is monolithically connected with the other abutment respectively the abutment wall. The abutments have shallow foundations. The handrail of the railing is partially equipped with an LED-illumination.

Rostock, Germany
WES & Partner, Landschaftsarchitekten, Hamburg
IGA GmbH, Rostock
Project Responsibility
Mike Schlaich


Technical Data

53.4 m
15.5 + 25.6 + 12 m
Slab thickness at mid-span
40 cm
Height at supports
80 cm
Plan area
320 m²




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