• IGA 2003 Rostock - Mahlbusen Bridge
    © HG Esch

IGA 2003 Rostock - Mahlbusen Bridge

Rostock, Germany, 2002

The Mahlbusen Bridge consists of two steel bridges. Both bridges are two-span continuous girders on pile foundations, one with asymmetric spans, the other with symmetric spans. The outstanding characteristic of the structure is the sliding height of the longitudinal girder, following the moments due to the dead load. This resulted in an intriguing, undulating girder and an optimal use of the materials. The longitudinal girders placed alongside of the slab are composed of stacked welded I- and T-profiles. The welded transverse girders are bending resistant, supporting the grids as pavement, and providing the horizontal bracing and buckling stability for the longitudinal girders.

  • Location

    Rostock, Germany

  • Architect

    WES & Partner, Landschaftsarchitekten, Hamburg

  • Client

    IGA GmbH, Rostock

  • Contractor

    Fa. Wieben, Ribnitz-Damgarten; Fa. HET, Dömitz (Stahlbau/steel structure)

  • Our Scope of Work

    conceptual design, construction design, site supervision

  • Length 35.5 m / 48 m
  • Max. height of the girder 700 mm in the span,
    769 mm at the support
  • Concrete 30 m³
  • Span 25.5 m + 9 m / 2 x 24 m
  • Plan area 142 m² / 192 m²
  • Steel 61 t
  • IGA 2003 Rostock - Mahlbusen Bridge © HG Esch
  • IGA 2003 Rostock - Mahlbusen Bridge © HG Esch

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