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IGA 2003 Rostock – Observation bridge

© H. G. Esch

This observation bridge is a lightweight steel structure with 4 m utilizable width, composed of two opposite cantilevering trussed girders meeting in an arch over the slab. The cantilevers are restrained by the bottom chord resting on the concrete base and by the sheet metal tendons suspending the top chord. A diagonal compression member compensating the force of the bottom chord in the concrete base, and a tendon anchored in the ground transfer the tension force. This structure frames the slab on the embankment and clearly depicts the entrance to the bridge and the observation deck. The abutments and the foundations of the tensile anchorage are founded on piles. A continuous tanking with a gussasphalt-surfacing rests on a bending-resistant welded transverse girder between the two trussed girders. The handrail of the railing is partially equipped with an LED-illumination.

Rostock, Germany
WES & Partner, Landschaftsarchitekten, Hamburg
IGA GmbH, Rostock
Project Responsibility
Mike Schlaich


Technical Data

Overall length
61 m (incl. abutments)
44.3 m
approx. 5 m
Plan area
306 m²




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