Bridges, Pedestrian Bridges

International Garden Exhibition 1993 – Footbridge at Pragsattel across Heilbronner Strasse

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Two parks are separated by a busy road. The 38 m long bridge spans the road gorge and forms an archway to the city.
The idea of a tied-arch bridge was developed further by realizing a “reversed suspension bridge”. The bridge consists of a polygonal arch with solid bowstrings, which is almost entirely flexible and completely stiffened against unilateral loads through the concrete deck. In reversing a suspension bridge with two single masts and spread main cables, the two flanks of the arch meet at the abutment and spread towards the arch top.

Stuttgart, Germany
Planungsgruppe Luz, Lohrer, Egenhofer, Schlaich
Landeshauptstadt Stuttgart
Andreas Keil

Technical Data

38 m
4.50 m
Concrete slab
20 - 40 cm


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