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The goal of the project competition was a better connection between the inner city and the Maille-Park, as well as a new design for the parking area. The design parameters were a slender, filigree form that would integrate itself well into the historic ensemble of the old city park, without impacting the historic landmarks of the walls along the shore and adjoining old buildings. Keeping within the allocated budget was also of primary concern. To reduce the steel tonnage a steel-monocoque structure was selected, which also allowed for a reduction of the constructional depth on the park side to only 23cm. Extreme span width differentials allowed for a two-span beam to become pre-tensioned single-span beams. Through the strategic implementation of stainless steel at the critical bearing points, the effort required for maintenance was reduced to a minimum.

Esslingen am Neckar, Germany
ISA Internationales Stadtbauatelier
TBA Esslingen a.N.
Sven Plieninger

Technical Data

28.5 m (24 + 4.5 m)
3 m
23 - 60 - 45 cm (left - middle - right)


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